Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fly fly fly!!

(Say them in a whiny yet monotonous tone that is easily recognised as frustration.. Or boredom, take your pick!)

So today I'm in JB.
I know I shouldn't complain but I swear, JB (and Penang for that matter) was a hell lot more interesting place before I became a cabin crew! I'm sure those of you who are from these places don't share the same views as I do. I myself remember having crazy-fun times in these places.
So I suppose I blame the hotels that we are put in these days.. So far away from town!!
I'm not even the partying type -- but how could they place me so far away from good FOOD?!! So mean! The company is SO mean sometimes! *cakap sambil hentak hentak kaki*

I was in Penang TWICE last month but not once did I get to have pasembur!! *peluk tubuh* And I am in JB now and I have no one to get me to some good ole otak-otak! *cebik*
I really should've made more contacts all around the country. haihh..

You would think that cabin crew are one of the most friendliest people on earth. They smile and say hi to complete strangers.. Make conversations about the little little things they notice about a passenger..
But recently it struck me; I made connections -- but never a relationship. I have a lot of acquaintances -- but not too many friends. It's a lonely life, not really for everyone.

It's cool to see a new place, but it's ALWAYS the people you're with that makes it fun.
It's always about the PEOPLE.
Money means very little when you don't have anyone to spend it on. hehe.. My opinion anyway. I know Bestie would have a different idea.. Hahahaha
Kids.. I swear it was damn amusing when he claims the other day; "yes! I finally won a debate with Wanie!" (with his fist in the air) hahahahhaha!!

I'm not necessarily always right.. It's just that EVERYONE has to fight/debate with me to be right. Hahahahaha!!
Disclaimer: I just happen to be egotistical and stubborn at the same time. Love me or hate me, I don't need indecisiveness.

Okay, I'm rambling out of "topic".. Sorry about that.
So due to the recent cold war with Encem for the past few days (because of his lack of response to my texts -- okay, that sounds a bit stupid to fight over for but it's just one of those things that you just have to experience yourself!) I had Dida come pick me up from the airport yesterday so I could spend some quality time with family.

It was nice.. And sad at the same time. Being reminded of how damn long I haven't seen Nina and the kiddies. They've all grown.. And entertaining.. And annoying too at the same time!
And I don't know.. It was somehow.. Poetic, being in the same room with my two sisters and my three nieces.
Not for long though since Nina is pregnant!
I really should come home more often and not just when I ran out of clean clothes.. huhuuu

So yeah.. I've been working a LOT this week. Two nights in Kuching, tonight in JB and a daily flight to Manila the day after tomorrow. That's SIX bloody days of morning flights! I am tired and I want my off days!! rawr!

And I am giving away my Osaka flight. It'll be a blow to my allowance but honestly, I'm just not looking forward to working on an Airbus, let alone a 7-hours flight! I choose health and happiness over money, thank you very much!

Now this is a long entry.. Guess that just happens sometimes.

On a sidenote, does anyone knows of a good dermatologist in KL? I am having a bad rash on my legs.. Ughh! Bloody dryness..

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. said...

ehe..baru baca entri ni dah rasa penat
apatah lagi empunya diri

TC! ^^

Monkey's Bunny said...

thanks for dropping by! :) said...

there's a good one in jalan tunku abdul rahman, klinik dr. mohd noh. alternatively you can meet him at hospital tawakal on saturday or tuesday or wednesday (tak ingat! hehe). here's the number to his clinic if you want to call : 03-26939793. he's good, tapi jauh sikit la from your place, right? hehe :P

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