Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just an update.

Hey there!

You know when some days things are happening so fast around you that you had to actually pinch yourself to make sure that you hadn't accidentally dozed off and dreaming everything up again? I am having that.
Yesterday I was a bum at home. Today, I am a bum in Europe.

It's 10:36 am, I have arrived, safe and soundly to my sister's place in Rotterdam. The wind was friggin' cold as we were heading towards the building that I almost lost every bit of feeling on my legs. It's -1 degrees Celcius over here and it had just started SNOWING!!
Honestly, with the snow and the strong wind.. it looked somewhat like a blizzard! But then again, this is only my first time seeing snow so what do I know! Just pardon me for the exaggeration. Can't help being amazed with this. Do people actually go out when it snows?

I found the train from Schiphol to Rotterdam Centraal quite alright. Somehow being a cow isn't on today's schedule. Then Dida came to pick me up a half an hour late which made me quite keen to spend a LOT of her money, shopping; and the amazing thing is, she's already given me the green light!!! *manic laugh*
Seriously, she's completely cuckoo.
Okay well, I will have to clean up those dishes and run some errands. Maybe after I have a bit of a lie down and the snow stops looking so much like a blizzard.

My flight here was alright. I was seated at the aisle, much to my dismay.. plus, the possibly-Russian couple that was sitting next to me was completely unfriendly and had very small bladders. At one point of the flight, the man next to me asked me if I'd like to switch seats to one that is a few rows behind, which I answered with "Why would I want to do that?" My horoscope was freakishly correct about that bit of my travelling.

But I must also note that my seat was actually right next to the kitchen; which sounded bad, but isn't really! Since I can rarely sleep anyway, the hustle of the air-hostess was not too much of a disturbance for me. It's even cool that they were all keen to cater to my needs! I was very well fed and watered the whole time. The fact that there weren't too many Malaysians on the flight, let alone around the section I was seated in, helps - a LOT!
Very lucky, I was.. heehee. Oh! I was also just three seats behind the exit. So having the boring seat-mates was not so bad after all..

Alright, enough of that.
I will write again when there's a need to. (On my behalf.. naturally!)


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