Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Leaving on a jetplane.


Firstly, I hope your eyes aren't swirling too much from the excessive PINK! You know.. February.. tends to get me a bit cuckoo sometimes. The fixation over red and pink is rather contagious!

Okay. So.. 3 a.m. yesterday my nutty sister called and asked me to come to her place (yes, she did make it sound like she's only 20 minutes' drive away) because she was on the verge of breaking down. Thus, after a very busy day for me and my dad; getting tickets, exchanging currencies..
I will be flying off to Amsterdam later today.

Now.. never, I say NEVER by any means.. underestimate the spontaneity of a Sagittarian.

I must also note that that Kabalarian Philosophy analyzation of my name had turned out pretty freaky. I am not complaining, of course.. but I'd hate to think that I will only get ahead by my influences. That's just.. Well, a pussy's way to live a life. So! I am definitely in need of a character change.

I wonder when Malaysian composers are going to start making songs that sounds like this. Again, don't ask me what the lyrics meant.. This is among the rarest songs that I love just for their tunes and this one is climbing up on the list.

Alright! I will need to collect my thoughts before I start pre-packing the things that I need to bring with me.
So.. be back in a jiffy! (That being in about 2 weeks..)


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