Sunday, February 11, 2007

Super Saturday Shopping!

Good evening!

It's 9:08 pm over here and I am trying to tend to my achy feet. Just "trying" because I don't really know what I should do with it..

jualan lambak di ZARA
Dida and I went to Antwerpen (also known as Antwerp) today for two reasons;
1. Belgian waffles,
2. shopping!!
It almost makes no sense for us to travel to another country to shop but that's what we did! -- and it was totally worth it, getting rained and achy feet and all.

Dida spent a LOT today and no.. it wasn't just for me. I just got a jacket (can't help myself, it was relatively cheap!!) and a pair of polka-dot socks. haha!
What's amazing about our day was the sale in ZARA. The prices were so low, it was beyond our comprehension! Can you imagine, paying less than €8 for a pair of corduroy pants?? It was crazy! Never before I see a tee in ZARA selling for €4.. that's less than RM20!! We just couldn't help getting pretty hysterical while we were looking through the rows of jackets. Dida bought one for me.. and Nina! (The tag was from Nina's jacket.)

Well, it was fun. It's not like you could shop in ZARA everyday and come out like you had just shopped in Giant Supermarket! heehee. We're probably going to Amsterdam tomorrow to shop some more -- depends on how well our feet recovers. We'll probably end up just catching a movie around here though.

Oh, remember the other day about the snow? Well, it completely disappeared the day after. Kinda sad actually. Wish it had lasted longer..


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