Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The search is over!

I found the dress! I found the dress I've been looking for the past two days! Cheers!! Dida was right about them keeping some clothes off the rack.
I went to Dordrecht earlier and didn't find the dress there. Tired (mentally), I went back to Rotterdam to do my "chores". (Y'know.. going to the market/supermarket getting groceries.)

I had just came out from C&A returning the earrings I bought yesterday since one of its stones had gone missing and went into H&M, with heaviness in my heart; preparing for yet another disappointment.. calculating how many H&M stores that I might have to look through when we get to Berlin.

I walked towards the part of the store where I saw size-42 yesterday and to my surprise, there were a couple of sleeves on the rack! The first one I saw was size 38 so frantically I flipped the hangers one by one.
38 - 42 - 40 - 42 - 36!!!!!
The last one!! *manic laugh* I grabbed it.. went to the paskamer (fitting room) just to make sure.. spent more time than I should in there satisfying my vanity.. and happily almost-skipped towards the cashier! heehee.
I have now lost any reason to shop for myself. (Except maybe.. for the perfect little shoes? ahhahahahaha!! Naah.) I am happily content.

Afterwards I had went to the market to find some coccles. On my way back, I saw this one old man dancing horribly to the song that was playing at the record stall. It was really horrendous; American Idol-worthy. But he was perfectly happy doing what he likes. Not a care in the world. Makes me think, I want to be like him when I'm old..
Tua ganyut tak sedar diri. ahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!


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