Sunday, January 13, 2008


I must say.. the perfect way to confuse me is by putting two of my favourite teams on the pitch.

Manchester United against Newcastle United tonight.
I had spent the entire game half-laughing, half-upset.. completely perplexed.

It's like.. Man U was my brother and Newcastle was my boyfriend.
Sure, blood is thicker than water and that's why you're on your brother's side. Still.. you'd rather not have him beat up your boyfriend by 6 to nil!! That's just -- sad! How could he!
And then he LAUGHED! grrr. Fine, I have bad tastes in men but that doesn't give him the rights to laugh at the boyfie! geez.

I know I have an odd way of putting analogies but that's basically how I'd felt through the excruciating second half of the game. sigh.
And Smudger got sent away for blowing up at the referee. Not surprising at all but still.. upsetting.

Anyway, I'm still not over what ever that was on my mind earlier. I'm still as upset as I was when I wrote the entry before this but let's just say that right now.. at this very moment.. I am too confused about the football match to be depressed.


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