Friday, January 04, 2008

There's Something About Red Meat.

I am such a carnivore..
I know.. I'll probably be skinnier and more fit if I become a vegetarian or at least eat loads more of vegetables, but MAN! How any one can resist a good slab of meat is beyond me!

I've been really hooked with one of Facebook's application called My Heroes Ability. *insert big laugh here* It's crazy -- crazy fun! I'm seriously addicted to get as many "Ability Points" as I can get that it even got me messaging strangers to help me out! hahahha! Crazy, and FUN come to think about it. It kinda brings people together, which is always cool in my book!
I think I've been doing a LOT of that lately -- messaging strangers. But somehow I don't feel too awkward with it.

Anyway, I'll try to come up with an entry of some substance some time later, yeah?


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