Saturday, January 26, 2008

Of showers and strangers.

The two had never occurred simultaneously, I swear.

Have you ever thought that taking a shower is a waste of time?
I mean, if you take 20-30 minutes for a shower.. a lot of things can happen in that time and you're missing it all 'cause you're in the bathroom! The least exciting room in the house. I think we should only take one when we're covered in muck.. or did something that made us sweat like pigs.. or when you're already smelling like a rotten tomato in a worn sock for skipping too many showers. Imagine the water we could save! See.. I'm only thinking about the future here.
hahahha! Obviously I haven't been writing for so long that I've started writing rubbish. May I just note though, that I have nothing against taking baths. They have relaxing properties and I think everyone should relax more.

On to the second part of the title..
this was what my horoscope said a few days ago;
A new person may come into your life and make a big impact on it. At first you may be reminded of someone from your past, but later you see this person is like no one you've ever known.
I find it.. very interesting as I've made a few acquaintances on Facebook. Really cool ones that I'd like to keep -- and I'm not usually the kind who "keeps".

Rai mentioned the other day how he's not particularly good at making friends, (but you're excellent at keeping them, pet!) Well, I strive for making a quick connection. Strangers are my favourite persons on Earth. (I figured it's because of the fact that I'm naturally aloof.)
Committed, I am not. Friendly, I can be.

Then somehow I was reminded of Ned and Chuck (Pushing Daisies); how two people can connect and become so close, yet so far.. I am making a connection here but I hardly know you at all.
I'm embracing it, it's new.. and exciting.. and a little sad.
They say;

distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Unfortunately I have only mastered the art of being at a distance.. but I keep missing the part where my heart grows fonder.

Aaah.. it's never good to leave me alone for too long at nights. This is what I'll do.. thinking.. wondering about things that I can't seem to figure out. I just think too much sometimes.
Hope your nights (and days) are going better.

ps: Just changed the layout.. before the previous one hits one year! God, that is the longest time I didn't change layouts! Ten full months!


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