Friday, February 01, 2008

Coffee and Cigarettes.

sigh. My bad habits are definitely costing me.

This entry took daaays in the making. haha!
Anyway, to those whom had actually missed me through the hiatus.. you haven't missed much. My entire life is pretty much at a stagnant that the hiatus couldn't come at a more perfect time than this.

It's pretty rare to get me really speechless. Really really speechless. At least if I'm not saying or writing something, I'd be thinking of something but these days I have been really.. really speechless.
I know I've been wishing for my thoughts to be quiet for a couple of times but this might be even too quiet for my own good. Ah well, at least I've managed to take a real hiatus for once! haha.
So, here's what you've missed;

I saw two love stories in one week; get this, Atonement aaannd Cloverfield! hahahhaha! I am going to tag Cloverfield as a love story no matter how you'd tell me that it's not. I've seen it and I'm telling you, it's a LOVE STORY! heehee.
Anyway, I loved Atonement. I thought it was a brilliant play of feelings. sigh. You know, I wouldn't want a love that is easy (oh why God, You made me this easily bored) but I don't think I'll live in a relationship that is so hard either.

I also went to see football at the stadium.. in the rain for the very first time. (Also the first for year 2008.) It was odd but it had brought me a quiet sense of accomplishment somehow. The crowd was scarce, but we were there.. with the team.. in the cold wet night. Ah well, count on me to find poetry in it. But this poet also has a foul mouth -- I cursed.. SO BAD that night! hahha! You could say that the people who turns up for a football match on a rainy night are rather nutty. Loyal, passionate.. and nutty. The men sitting around me and my sister were pretty animated; I had fun soaking in the crazy atmosphere. (Really, when have you ever read me complain about going to the stadium?)

Dida and I got into a small accident on the way back but I'm not going into that. The argument that had followed was too moronic to write about.

That very next day I went bowling with some friends. Met up with Ana at the commuter station.. walked around the mall and even hung around Coffee Bean before meeting up the boys! We just love our girl talks I suppose. ahahhaha! *clears throat* We did feel a little bad for taking too much time before joining them at the bowling alley.

Wasn't feeling for a game actually. Lack of sleep have always made me moody (or kooky).. or quietly cranky. But I was talked into it and I ended up having fun! (To not suck at something is always fun!) Only I got three points behind Ablen! grrr. Rematch!! heehee.

And now since Ana had mentioned it, I'm hankering to sing my throat/lungs out at a karaoke! Well, that's another thing I don't suck at so.. Anaaaa.. bila nieeee??

I've taken a fondness for Twitter. It's that text you see on the post-it on your most right. (I also added it on my Facebook.) I like the thought that I can give you a quick update with my phone -- even though it'd require me to send my text to a UK number. Oh well.. details. pshh!

Okay, since I haven't said this before over here (I checked..) I am completely and absolutely adoring Facebook and Flock! Even though Facebook thinks I'm a spammer, I still love it for the friends I've made and of course.. My Heroes Ability! (which had led me to making all those friends actually!) hahhaha. So if you're not on Fb, you should.. if you haven't added MHA on your applications, you really should. heehee.

That's it for now.
aaah.. it's good to be back!
--and today isn't Saturday. heehee.


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