Saturday, February 16, 2008

I swear I could almost just-- fall.

You know, for someone who writes as small as she can so she could "save the trees", I use a LOT of post-its to doodle on. Horrible...

Well the internet was gone for four hours on Saturday.. and came back on.
Then the hd crashed on Sunday night and gets fixed the very next day..
Photoshop and the scanner configurations was gone but now they've all been installed..
So I don't have anymore excuse to not blog now, do I? No more dawdling, here's a long enough entry that could possibly make your eyes spin; (I'm lying.)

It's almost self-explanatory now, when I get quiet.. I'll be in Pyongyang. And no, not the real Pyongyang, but the one on that damned Heroes game in Facebook! haha! Crazy. Crazy fun.

But lets talk about real.. actual.. I can touch you-- life. heh.
Went to a very nice dinner with Ana and Bahijah the other day. (yeah yeah.. Ilsa and Ilmi was there too) It was what I called a pre-Valentine dinner since it was Valentine's eve. We got all dressed up and everything which is always a plus plus in my book!
It's been a while since I saw them so it was really nice, catching up some laughs. Wish we could've stayed out longer though.. booo mak Anaaa! ahhahahhahha!

Anyway, I'm off to a raid then off to bed -- don't bother trying to understand. heehee.

Ohh, I've been loving this song lately. Love it love it LOVE IT! Love it.

Nina Simone - Just In Time


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