Sunday, February 03, 2008


Ohh! It pains.. it burns! It burns so bad! My ego.. my poor, poor ego is bruised.
Sure I can say that my mom's from Perak.. but I'm from Selangor. Doesn't matter the fact that I was actually born in KL -- I AM through and through a Selangorian.

That was the first time I've been to a game where we had lost -- and the only anomaly that was there was Dida's boyfriend. JINX! grr. Never again! If he's going, then I won't! booo! What's worse.. he's actually from PERAK!! booooooo!
Aah anyway, Akmal Rizal was rubbish and the referee was blind!
I suppose there are just nights when football simply had to suck.

I'm finding this experience.. not too different from getting a pimple.
You see, I've never been really pimply.. thus making getting one really.. really stressful. It's one thing when you wake up with a spot on your face, it's another when EVERY - SINGLE - PERSON who knows you notices it too and points it out to you. I bet if I have a resident-pimple on my face, people would just ignore it.

So at last, I saw a game where we had lost -- it is as stressful as having a huge, pink zit in the middle of my nose.


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