Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm Posting It.

Ross Copperman

I just realized.. that what I am and how my feelings are, are not too different from one another. (okay, of course.. but!)
I'm a klutz, you see. I can easily stumble on the tiniest pebble or just caught my own feet on a perfectly even ground. And I won't even mention the times I've screwed my spatial judgement and knocked my foot/knee/hands/hips/head onto the table/chair/cupboard/door/wall -- I really am that bad.

So now I'm noticing that I've been just as clumsy with my heart. I keep falling just as hard.. just as fast.. for no particular reason. The awful spatial judgement..
And I always end up asking myself; what the heck just happened?
I thought I was fine.. until I wasn't.
Then there was just the confusion, sore bum, bruised hip.. and achy heart. And why?

..because Wanie is Wanie is Wanie is Wanie.
Haven't figured out why I am so me, yet.


Anonymous said...

check this out.
My mom just opened a cafe at kelana jaya.


promosi promosi heheheh

Monkey's Bunny said...

haha! sempat :P

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