Monday, February 25, 2008

Oy.. you're making me lightheaded.

..and I'm loving every single moment of it!

Ever noticed that I write.. differently when I'm.. different? haha! I make less sense during these times. blehh.. for someone who isn't too open about her feelings, mine is pretty apparent.

Okay, if you have Facebook (yes yes.. I'm addicted), try doing this quiz thingy! Of course, I love this kind of stuff so I HAD to do it. And the best part is that I don't even have to send any invites to see the results! Way cool..

I got INFP (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving) which must be really true because I got that when I did the one on Tickle as well.. heh. So anyway, there is this one part that just.. hit the nail on the head.

For the INFP, love is a very deep commitment, and one that is not easily attained. They have ideals, and therefore reality may be carefully scrutinized.

INFPs may have difficulty sharing their feelings about others. They keep so many of those feelings inside that they may forget to tell their partner how much they love and appreciate them. They also need reminders of their partner's love.

When things go wrong in a relationship, the INFP takes it to heart but does not readily discuss it with others. They may not be willing to communicate to let others know how they are feeling. When scorned, they are very hurt and may overreact in an almost maudlin way.

haha! It's embarrassing to read about yourself as that, but I just couldn't deny something that is just so.. annoyingly true. Maudlin.. yeah, I can be SUCH a child.. I can't help it.

The INFP does not devote their intense feelings towards just anyone, and are relatively reserved about expressing their inner-most feelings. They reserve their deepest love and caring for a select few who are closest to them.

Slow to trust others and cautious in the beginning of a relationship, an INFP will be fiercely loyal once they are committed.

I am slow.. up to the point that I can get my emotions and communication pretty much stumped. I think I have this fear if the things that I say won't be reciprocated. Or I get a dead lull instead. sigh. That'd be too sad, so I'd rather not say the things that runs through my head.. or heart. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Okay, moving on!
I helped Dida and her team with her company's treasure hunt event on Saturday. I swear I'd felt like I was working on a call centre, having to answer the phone every 20 minutes. Smart though, having someone to be in front of the internet and search for answers. Plus, it had also made me feel smart when I can answer the questions and puzzles without the internet! Always a plus PLUS in my book! hehe.

She didn't win though.. got disqualified when her car broke down. Something about something in the something. hehe. (Like I would know anything about cars -- or even remember the parts of it.)
Yet.. she gave me a 50 for helping out! wooohoo! I like easy money! Girls, wanna hang out? hahahha! (I really am incapable of saving money.)

Okay. Stopping now. I'm so distracted with anything/everything else that I'd spent the last 5 minutes just trying to remember what I'd really wanted to do. blah.
Oh God, look at the time.. eeep!


Girl That Jumps said...

i bet in our next meeting, the conversation will be about wanie... falling for someone... and i can so totally tell of who he is.

hahahah bagus!

Monkey's Bunny said...


can you? can youu??

Girl That Jumps said...

I can

Girl That Jumps said...

well at least I think I can

Monkey's Bunny said...

you probably could.. :P

Girl That Jumps said...


Monkey's Bunny said...



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