Monday, March 17, 2008

Lagu jiwang, ftw!!

Feeling.. a little blue. For no real reason really..
Just.. nothing to cheer about.

I mean.. I don't want to complain.. I detest people who complains too much.. or whines non stop.. over the same old things. So yeah, I know you love me or care for me, what ever the shit is.. I am pretty pissed and upset about some things but--
That just doesn't give me the right to annoy you.

So just.. let me feel blue for a little bit.

I think the inability-for-commitment bug is hitting me again. It's getting old, I know.. but I am BORED!! ughh. I get bored staying at one place for too long. I hate it. I hate myself for hating it. So frustrating!!
Shit. SHIT.

I'm going to distract myself with this sappy Indonesian song now.. bleh!

Ari Lasso & Bunga Citra Lestari - Aku Dan Dirimu


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