Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is crazy.

I'm just not going to say anything ever again.

Well, I can't can I?
The surest way to ruin.. what ever it is that we have is to not communicate, so I will try..

You know how when you're angry.. you'll say stupid things and once you've cooled off those stupid things would seem reaaally stupid. So you apologize, and the other person has already cooled off so you both can be.. just fine?

It's.. funny that I just had this conversation with Dida a few days ago.

That it's easy to forgive the person you're mad at..
but the person that upsets you.. it takes a little more time. Matters of the heart.. so happens that mine is just as stubborn as my head and it won't let go.

And I want to let go.
I'm fine really. Really. Just.. the pang in the heart.. it stayed.

shoo, pang. Go mess with someone else's heart.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for being such an ass earlier... :(

Anonymous said...

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Monkey's Bunny said...

uh.. I don't even understand the blog. lol!

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