Monday, March 10, 2008

My vote counts!

Yeah, that was exciting!
Sure it took like just 10 seconds of my day but it was kinda exciting! My first time voting.. pretty cool! I'm like half- a step towards being a grown up. hahahha!
And I'm happy with the results.. though I'm pretty much apathetic about politics.. I think a change would be interesting.

Moving on.. I've been having a bunch of laugh with my newly made frienemy on MHA. He'd KOed me a couple of times now but he's so adorable! hahahha! Good stuff.

Oh, and I noticed yesterday that my old Converse is getting really beat up.. it's sad.. I love my shoes.. Guess it's a good thing that Converse shoes are meant to look scruffy. (At least that's how I feel..)

Also.. just so you know.. this entry had took me TWO freakin' days to write.. and sadly, I ended up not writing much at all! hahahhaha! It's pathetic..

I can't think. I need a nap!


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