Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy birthday pops!

Papa's birthday yesterday..
See, I've mentioned it before.. how I like June.. I like Geminis. Papa and Nina are Geminis.. so was my first best-guy-friend. heh. (hmm.. I wonder how's he doing these days.)

So anyway, we all got together for a dinner at San Fran Steakhouse (Midvalley!)
Dida had told Nina, Jasmin, and our parents that the manager had a thing for me 'cause he remembers me. blah. She likes to do that.
Of course, there's nothing wrong when a manager of a restaurant remembers you right? It's actually quite flattering when he comes to your table with your exact order and said, "for you.."
I thought it was hilarious too. Then Mama craned her neck trying to get a look at the guy when he was way at the end of the room.

But really.. when it comes to food, I can get annoyingly predictable. I'll eat the same thing again and again until I get so sick of it that I wouldn't want to have it or look at it for a long period of time. haha!
So.. it's no surprise that the manager actually remembers my "usual".

So anyway, basically I had spent my night smacking Dida's arm for a bunch of reasons, having too much to eat, laughing hysterically at some silly jokes and trying my best not to walk funny 'cause my heels were hurting me. hahhaha!

It's been a good night, I suppose.
I'm willing to bet that I'll have pleasant dreams tonight but only to wake up feeling miserable. gaah!


Girl That Jumps said...

San frans MV's GM is my cousin!
I tak tau hari tuh.. kalau tau mesti boleh makan free!

Girl That Jumps said...

eh GM ke MD.. i'm not sure now. But i do hope he have the power to give out free food.


Monkey's Bunny said...

hahha! okaay.. I don't know what's the guy's name..
but the moment Dida told Nina about the manager, she asked if I could get staff purchase! HAHAHHAHA!

Girl That Jumps said...

In food retail ade staff purchase ke?

Monkey's Bunny said...

I don't think so...?

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