Saturday, June 21, 2008

Miss Thirty.

Okay, well.. Mrs, more like.

It was Nina's birthday yesterday and we'd celebrated by going to the karaoke. heehee. Papa wasn't there though, typical! Such a party-pooper.

We did nothing much basically. Ruined a bunch of songs like always. Dida likes to torture ME by choosing songs with ridiculously high pitches and tells ME to sing them for HER. So of course, she sings them perfectly in tune while I.. did not. hahaha!

Anyway, then Dida sang one of Letto's songs and now my mind keeps repeating it. Lyrics.. lyrics.. the poetry in Indonesian songs never fail to amaze me.

Letto - Hantui Aku

Tapi memang dirimu selalu hantuiku
Walauku tak tahu hatimu
Oh please jangan pernah kau berhenti hantui aku
But it's true that you always haunt me
Even when I don't know your feelings
Oh please don't you ever stop haunting me

uh.. yeah, that was my pathetic attempt at translating the chorus.


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