Monday, June 23, 2008

Lets distract oneself..

umm.. you know.. When you're feeling bored.. or have a particular impure thought that you'd rather not think about, distraction is the way to go!

Funnily, when I need to distract myself, I always think about food..
Famous Amos cookies, Chocolate Chip with Pecan. ooh..!
Cream puff.. the one you can get at Pavillion.. the kind that oozes cream with every bite! A bit of a mess really but oooh!
A good piece of pie.. Apple pie.. I am SO going to get it the next time I'm at San Fran restaurant.
Strawberry tart at Coffee Bean.. gaah!! oh wow, I haven't been to Coffee Bean in a while! ooh.. I also want that strawberry cake at that cake shop that I can't remember the name of. Fruity? Juicy? ughh..
I wish Secret Recipe still makes their baked cheese cake. I miss those. Haven't been to Secret Recipe ever since they discontinued it. Morons.
oh oh! The simplest of all.. a Baguette with a good slab of French butter.. yummm!!

Apparently I'm craving for sweet and creamy things.
mm.. my attempt at distracting myself isn't working..
and obviously this is one unnecessary entry. (yet another failed attempt at distracting myself.)


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