Thursday, April 28, 2011

No news is good news..

Isn't it?

I'm PMSing.
Bloody mood swings (Encem can vouch for that!), I'm feeling sluggish, and my breasts definitely feels fuller. (Can Encem vouch for that too? hmm..)

Honestly I have nothing much to ramble about.
Flights had been uneventful. My legs are ugly again (they were smooth and supple earlier of the month; when I hadn't been flying so much.)
I'd spent the day driving around the Klang Valley with Papa..
Really, nothing much.
Not a single profound thought to share.

It's not even May yet and my account's depleting.
Bestie bought a new phone with his bonus money. And I?
I bought a BED! heehee. Been talking about getting a new bed for yonks, so I better get it now when I'm supposedly can. It should arrive in two weeks time though. Apparently the factory is in Johor.. but I don't mind.
Gives me time to decluttler (that's an understatement!) the room. The room's a mess really. It looks exactly like it was in the middle of a hurricane.

That's it for now.
Catch ya' later alligator!


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