Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Smoking's bad for the health.

Especially when you're stuck in a smoke-free hotel; where you get penalized if you get caught smoking. sigh.
I went downstairs at one in the morning. I don't think I'd like to go again. This bloody hotel is eerily quiet. I hate it! Imaginations running wild.
Very bad for the health.

Anyway, I may quit smoking sooner than later.
Or at least I am limiting myself to two cartons a month. (please ignore that bit where I just confessed to having more than twenty boxes of cigarettes a month..)

I went out by myself today.
And I didn't buy a single thing for myself -- at all!
Well, I tried.. but I couldn't seem to use my debit card at the store.. and none of the ATM around could read my card. (I tried on about five or six ATMs; from different banks!) That was tiring.
And embarrassing considering the bunch of stuff that I'd left at the cashier with a promise that I would be back!

I know that sounds kinda pathetic, but in my defense I did try my best to get some more cash! It's frustrating really. This is my first time ever not having "enough cash" to get the things that I'd planned on getting.
But I suppose it wasn't really "planned" per se. But still!
Oh I need to laugh about this.
Padan muka.

I was the one that said to myself that I won't spend excessively. So.. I think.. this is God's way of not letting me to.

Ever notice that whenever something funny happened to me, it was somehow the works of a Higher Power? Hahahahhaha!!

Oh well.. can't wait to get home. I hate the idea of being in Taipei and not be able to shop. pshh!
Busy-phase of my roster is making me feel unwell. This sucks.


Anonymous said...

la.. kenapa tak tukar duit dulu???

Monkey's Bunny said...

Cuma tak tuka banyak baaanyaak.. Huhuuu

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