Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Round-Up : Life *cough*

--or lack thereof, really.

It's times like this where I'm glad that I have a Moleskine. Honestly I have no idea where this year has gone or what I did throughout this year! I can't have been working so much that I've lost track on everything, can I?
Well, I probably did work a lot for the first half of the year. Or for the most part of the year, even. Not until recently do I get loose rosters -- which is perfectly fine by me!

I don't think anything really extraordinary happened this year -- except that my *big* thirtieth was pretty much poop! (Yes, I'm still bitter!) Can I stay twenty-nine, pretty pleaaase? hahahha!

Suppose it's fitting that I am writing this in Kathmandu, as this place was among my first nightstops this year. *Nothing* much here really. Not that there isn't anything to see, but I haven't been anywhere much around here. It's a good thing that the hotel where we're staying is within walking distance of among the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu. I thought that was something..

Some other firsts were Sydney and Darwin. I've probably been to Australian cities more than Johor Bharu this year! More Sydney now than JB, even!

Then there was the first time in Narita -- where me and two boys took the bus to spend the day in Tokyo! Man, that was a long bus trip but a good one! We hit the Hard Rock Cafe for the merchandises (typical!) and visited dear Hachiko!
I also went to Adelaide for the first time this year and I must say that it's my favourite Australian city so far. There is that chill vibe that I just fell in love with. Can't really explain it. Also, I find that Halal food is even more easier to find there!
And though I've flown to Incheon before (a few years ago, I believe) this year I got the proper chance to look around some bits of Seoul. Managed to even go to the N Seoul Tower and leave a padlock there. *ehem* I wonder if it'll still be there the next time I go -- or if I'll be able to even find it! heehee

I operated more Airbus flights this year, compared to previous years.
I love seeing the new places, but I'm not stoked by the fact that it only happened after the two tragedies that hit us this year. You know which one. I don't want to talk about it. But I will say that I'm not too keen about work after what happened. The constant worry about everything is just.. too much, sometimes. Who would've thought that being an air hostess would be among the most dangerous occupation in the world?
And after what happened to QZ.. honestly, I just.. I can only barely feel anymore.
So I'm moving on..

I was also more keen on writing in my Moleskine again. Somehow it got me to "plan" things out a bit better. Also remembering things like where I've been to so I could write that big chunk up there! heehee
This year Dida and I got to catch the Formula 1 after missing it last year.

My family wore orange for Eid, and despite being pregnant, Kina wouldn't miss our annual jump! (She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Amni Madihah on the 20th of September.)

Because I've been to Australia a LOT, I got myself hooked to Pods; one of man's greatest creation! hahahha! I've mentioned that I'm not a huge chocolate fan.. but I am all over this stuff! (The Snickers is my absolute favourite!) You could sometimes find it at Cold Storage back home but at extortionate price! So yeah.. I shall note here that I am at my heaviest -- EVER. Thanks to Encem for introducing them to me! pfft!

My NARSism blew into a whole other level this year. Having them follow me on Twitter and being sent some nail polish even, just got me fangirling like never before! hahahaha

Being away for too long from Encem does not suit me very well. Before the first time he left, the longest we had ever been apart was, what? Nine days? Two weeks, max! So yeah.. I've been out of it whenever he's away for too long. Like I said, worrying gets a little too much.

Can't imagine my life without that twit. Can't imagine a world where there's no him, really.. the asshole.

I am blessed to live another year, have friends and family to pull me through the hard times.. Thankful for still having things to laugh about, smile about. Glad to still have my sanity -- or at least something like it.
Dear God, I hope 2015 will be exciting as hell (not literally, of course; I doubt "exciting" would be the word to describe hell! ha!) and that I wouldn't cry as much! heehee


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