Wednesday, October 20, 2004

hanging by a moment.

the good thing about the bad things in life is how it makes you appreciate more of the better things.

i suppose life teaches us.
i question about so many things and i'm getting the answers to it one by one.
and i still have a lot to be thankful for right now though things keep going downhill these days. :)

i think i've had too much of revising my past that it feels weird now to think how much it has changed.
what ever it is, i hope that even when i can't get back up after falling too much to the ground.. i could still believe. i wish to believe for the rest of my life..

unconcious mutterings:
(lamanye tak buat)

Dimension:: mechanical desktop
Roger:: walkie-talkie
CSI:: that lab guy
Passenger:: bus
Thankful:: you
Has-been:: something
Bambino:: bimbo
Wrinkles:: face
Cable TV:: astro
Voicemail:: beep!

"Try to reason about love , and you will lose your reason to love." -(some French proverb)
that was what i meant to say.


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