Monday, October 18, 2004

monday is a... dislikable day!

it iss!!
for starters, no one bothered to wake me up for sahur this morning 'coz they all thought i wouldn't be fasting today, though i said i would! grrr! sampai ati!
and now, at 11:26 AM, i'm already HUNGRY!!
betul betul tak pose karaang, baru tahu!

and mama.. (hahhaa! seperti biase) always ticks me off one way or another. grrr!
i'm such a bad daughter, i knowww.. but i can't help at being angry for even measly things, and yes, my temper wouldn't care even if it's my mother. hmmph!!

nina's presence helps though.. :D even for a while.
rindunye sama izzati!
nina might be expecting a baby girl, she said. and i like the name she proposed if it's really a girl! heehee! :x

and have you ever had too much similarities to someone that it's just possible that you were siblings before separated during birth or something??
ahahhahaha!! merepek.
i am such a pathetic. (actually trying to make myself feel better about something)

okay. kinda sleepy really.
kul 2 kene gi model making ke? dahlaa cam nak ujan ni! :-S


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