Tuesday, October 12, 2004

it's weird...

and a bit sad.

i guess the night is making me a bit philosophical (?) after writing a certain email to someone.
and currently listening to marcell - firasat. (gosh!)

so as i was listening to this song.. i just felt like walking towards the balcony.
it's been such a long time since i really appreciate a night's sky.
i guess my eyes are just trained to find a star. "the first star i see tonight.." (so i can wish for something childishly and foolishly) heehee.
after a while staring at this single star.. my eyes roam to the rest of the sky, and to my surprise, there was only another star.
just another.

what a waste of space....
such a big sky up there, and only two stars decorated it.
they were separated by such distance, but both had the same amount of light shining from it.

call me sentimental, but i am glad that they're shining with the same shade.

okay. now i better get my CAD done so i can joli katak tomorrow! weeeeee~!
find me at midvalley later, yah! :P


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