Wednesday, April 13, 2005

all of whats!

hihi.. had this bit of idea during the weekends.

1. what's weird.
- how somedays i can feel like the smartest person in the whole world while some days i feel like the biggest idiot.

2. what's dislikeable.
- bad looking boys giving their worst pick up lines. and roaches! really quick roaches. (i even HATE!)

3. what's cool.
- Comic Relief and RND. and guitar too, of course! guitar and drums. heh!

4. what's annoying.
- watching a movie on Astro, and 15 minutes before the ending, it RAINS! (has happened to me three times to date!)

5. what's impressive.
- guys who are in touch with their emotions. hihi! who are not afraid to actually let people know his thoughts. ekkeke!

6. what's envy.
- dida talking about the prospects of her being sent to overseas for her job! (roawr!!)

7. what's fun.
- catching up to your bestest buddies and your sisters! a big day of shopping is fun too! hahha!

8. what's scary.
- a dream with you just receiving a love letter. (that particular dream woke me up one morning, actually! hahha!) okay, other scary things would be my over-thinking, over-analyzing and high imagination thoughts.

9. what's amazing.
- great actors and writers. authors, composers.. they are all just amazing!!

10. what's sad.
- seeing a loved one in trouble but you are of no help 'cause you simply can't.

11. what's funny.
- life. no doubt about it!

12. what's lovable.
- rat!!! well ratman, i suppose 'coz i don't really love the ones that run around dirty places! so it'll be that guy i can never have 'coz he's just one of my silly little crushes; sir laughsalot!

okay! 1:30! i ought to get some sleep!!


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