Wednesday, April 06, 2005

food is good.

now i'm certain that i'm in a much much better mood than yesterday! fuuh~ i actually took the last 20 hours to finally get back my normal mood! how freaky was that?
the 8-9 hours of sleep last night might have helped. and the sugar. hehe! loaads of sugar. i had the worse craving yet, late in the afternoon! i had to went to the shop even though it was raining outside. (such a bad time to crave for some junk!) and such a spoil that the shop didn't have any chocolate, so i had to settle with some twiggies, a big bottle of soda and a bag of chips - and voila! better mood. heehee!

i didn't know what i did for the rest of my day, but i only checked on mugglenet around 5pm and their latest news was about a downloadable countdown calendar on scholastic!
HBP 100 days wallpaper
it hasn't started yet, gotta wait 'til tomorrow for some fun facts or any special features to come out from the calendar. (tomorrow = 100 days away from HBP!) the wallpaper is in shockwave, so sometimes an owl would swoop across the screen! hehe! i might get back to my old wallpaper if it weights down my already slow computer!
hihi! it's actually an illustration of the marauders; which i just ADORE! i don't know who did this wallpaper since i took it from a HP site, but i gotta love the person who did it!!

another reason for the much happier note is probably 'coz i finally get to download the video i've been wanting to see yesterday! weeeee~! *lol* i know, i get upset for the silliest things!
okay. i know it's really early and everything, but i think i do need to get to sleep sometime soon. so..
goodnight world!


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