Monday, April 04, 2005 falling in love for the first time.

2:00am saturday. i KNOW i was going to see it on telly and my heart STILL pumps a beat faster. must've seen it dozens of times already and yet it still excites me to actually see it on a bigger screen. so i've been watching the video for countless of times on my own computer, but seeing them again on MTV at the same about of time i first saw it, brought that little joy.. and a weird sense of pride in the chest.

it's probably alike falling in love for the first time.. as if you just opened your eyes from one deep slumber and the brilliance of the light hurts the eyes but made you giddy at the same time. as if the time you first set your eyes on that perfect person and you just couldn't see any bits of them that was out of order. the emotions that took you over were simply overwhelming that you just couldn't make any sense to any of it. you couldn't believe your luck that the perfect person - your perfect person was right in front of you and now you could just reach out and touch them.

and there i was - falling in love for the first time.. again.

*giggles!!* i know i knoooww. that's a bit TOO dramatic to describe my feelings towards A VIDEO, i knoww! but i was feeling mighty giddy at that moment, and was smiling like a fool - 2 o'clock in the morning; should be a bit scary, yeah? hihi!

disclaimer: i am NOT going to give any credit to MKA; my first really serious crush when i said " falling in love for the first time." hahha!! i DO get a big pang in the mind when i just realize my feelings (if there were any!) towards someone, thus resulted to that part when i "described" my "first love" - which is all the time, really! *lol!*
can't really compare your feelings when you'd naturally become crazier and more lame the next time, now can you?

ooh! please read the "love" above as "like like"! love sounded a bit too mature, i think!


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