Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"excuse me, do you have change for 20 cents?"

that was actually how my 'pretty long outing' started yesterday.

so yesterday i didn't return to my apa-to (apartment in japanese) 'coz.. i don't know. lack of self-resistance, probably. i took my own sweet time doing that law paper and got out with the very few people who stayed 'til the end of the two hours period.

i jumped onto a bus before i was even sure i really wanted to leave. i mean, it was already 5pm and that means i have just about 2 to 3 hours to come back to cyberia safely before it gets too dark out.
i got to midvalley around 6, and after a quick trip to the loo, i went straight to get my comfort food. (guess. something not too cheap and cheesy! hihi.)

then i walked off the calories (yeah, exactly!) around the mall and got myself two guitar picks! - which i just bought off quite randomly; according to the COLOR!! ahhahaha!!
then i went to MPH and as usual, find myself cursing at self for allowing myself to be tempted by the books! roawr! honestly, i never find a day when i went into a bookstore and see nothing that i want to buy. ohh, and then i found Room On The 3rd Floor on their cd racks!! so to lift off a bit of guilt, i called dida to ask if she thinks it's okay if i buy it. heehee.

and guess what? she said she was on Federal Highway with my parents, and then turned towards Midvalley 'coz i was there! all four of us ended up walking around (dida was surveying shoes) and later.. i followed them back HOME! ahhahaha!!

anyways, i got back here around afternoon today but i couldn't bring myself to type out anything. but since i'll get back home for good tomorrow..

see you soon! *wink wink!*


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