Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Gila gempak!"

*laughs hysterically*
I love you whole heartedly, Ana.. you rempit you.. hahahha!!

I had an awesome day out! heehee. Got to OU just in time as Ana got off work; talk about great timing. heh. We didn't have exact plans on what to do.. so we ended up walking to The Curve for their outdoors-Coffee Bean. OUTDOORS! woot! hahaha! We spent about 3 hours there.. with our private ritual.. until Ana got restless for lack of "things" to do. haha!
Congrats on the 2 months, babe. heehee.

We'd called Bahijah and got her to pick us up midway from our walk back towards OU. heehee. I probably should've made better plans, yah?
I will.. I will..
The word "picnic" is ringing in my ears.

So we were in OU.. sitting just outside Burger King.. and got into another private ritual which was just.. hilarious every single time I think about it! haha! Honestly, we HAVE GOT to make some new rituals.. nicer ones. *winks*
Bahijah had to leave early since she's got to get to the gym.. booo for working out!! Even if you only do it so you'll be thin before having a baby! HAHAHAHA!!
I also love you whole heartedly, B..

hmm.. I think I get drunk when I'm tired/sleepy. I'm theorizing that it's my mind's way of distracting itself from shutting down.
Moving on...

Alia had missed Bahijah by mere minutes. I was hoping they could finally meet since they share a bunch of mutual friends and yet never met each other. Ah well.. there will be some other time I guess.
Anyway, we didn't do much afterwards.. just walked around.. Alia getting to know Ana, saying how cute Ana was and how thin I'd looked.. pinching my arms and stuff.. a bunch of times. hahha!
Seriously Alia.. I love you a whole lot, but didn't your parents tell you that it's rude to stare?? hahahha. I know about my non-existent cleavage.. it's sad that you had to point that out. grrrr.

We sent Ana home at 8-ish.. then Alia got me back to Shah Alam where we decided to make a quick stop at err.. Coffee Bean in SACC!
I swear that's the only place I've been spending my money these days. rawr! Damn coffees!

And now I'm safely back at home.. fighting off my tiredness just so I can write a fairly sensible entry for Bahijah to read. hahaha. I need to remind myself not to go out at 1pm when I got to sleep well after 7am next time. weeeeeeeeee!

Thank you for a brilliant day out, girls. Also, I would like to apologize for the times when my eyes went out of focus and the random grins and smiles at inappropriate moments. I swear, they were unconsciously done. hahhahaha!


Girl That Jumps said...

awwwwww.. how sweeetttttt!!!!~ an entry for mua!


Suree said...

Weehee. Yeah 2 months!!

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