Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is probably too silly to blog about. Absolutely ridiculous to comprehend.. but man, it was just so exciting!

So there was this guy.. the one on the pic (don't know if that's really him, but what ever..) Basically he pissed the Illums (yes, I'm talking about MHA, the application on Facebook) so we kicked him!
He got pissed.. and we were still pissed.. (mainly TJ, haha!) yada yada yadaa.. Jacob ended up teleporting him to an FFA zone and the rest of us mutated the crap outta him and gave him every bad status imaginable -- before killing him. heh.
It was fun.. even though it was around 6am and my head can barely focus on anything.

Then of course, because I went to bed after 6.. and didn't turn the laptop off when I should've had gotten me into trouble with Dida.. bleh. What ever. I hate being emotionally distressed so I'm not going to write about it.

Okie. umm.. Just so you know, I am not as emotionally distressed as I was yesterday.. or earlier today.. heehee. But also, I have nothing else to write about.


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