Monday, April 21, 2008


"Yes," I admitted honestly, knowing as I continued that I was probably shooting myself in the foot with my words. "I'll have a lot more fun if you're there. Bring Quil, and we'll make it a party."

That doesn't make so much sense right?
I mean, of course.. you don't have a copy of New Moon in front of you but really..

That line really is.. pretty insignificant. Except the fact that it'd just made me giggle. Of course, what you must know is that my mind is wandering way to the neighbouring country when I read it and I was giggling not for that line.

Ughh.. I'm going to gush. STOPP MEEE!!
Feels like I'm spamming my own blog for all the same reasons tonight. hahahaha!

It's the things you say and the way you say it..


Anonymous said...

its the way you are that draws all my attention to you..

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