Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Jason Mraz

KL; March 4th

Singapore; March 5th

Damnit, can I have some money now pleaaase!
Duude! He's on my Bucket List!!!!
Sugar daddies.. unite..? Please?

Also, you can watch the video clip to his song with Colbie Caillat (Lucky) on VH1.


myhann said...

Hahaha Jason Mraz's tour gila pack! 3rd Singapore, 4th KL, 5th Jakarta, 10th Spain eh? Eh mana? Hahh

Monkey's Bunny said...


4th KL
5th Singapore
6th Jakarta
10th Italy

then Germany.. France.. show in Paris siap dah sold out! sini tiket tak start jual pun lagi.. T_T

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