Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you, songwriters, you..

Details In The Fabric by Jason Mraz (feat. James Morrison)

sigh. Put two brilliant musicians together and this is what we get.
I am so naming one of my kids something that starts with a J. Can't help it.. a bunch of the people I really like are J's.. Jane, James, Jason, Joshua, Joanne.. hehe. I can't think of a good Malay name that starts with a J though.. (Jamal? Juwita? Jesnita?? wtf! hahahha!) sigh. Ah well, I could just make my hubby think of that one. My name isn't very Malay anyway.
oh duuude, I just made a plan! hahahha!

I wonder why is it hard for me to be naturally drawn to happy songs. blah. I was going through the songs my friends and I recorded while we were still staying in the hostel back in uni. Then there were songs that I wrote.. They were.. really dark! (Remember Shemozzle girls?? eep!)
We had a production assignment and we decided to make our own music and naturally I was the lyricist.. but I suppose I was pretty glad that the song had turned out the way that it did. It gave us such an awesome idea for a video and thus putting our video at #6 in our batch! hahahha!! Remember that Ana, Bahijah? I remember we were so excited to have done better than Fariz! wahhahahha!
aih.. I hope to see that video again one day. (Old pics.)

sigh. Slow day. I wish I had better things to do when the day is slow but what I'm left with is the external harddisc and a bunch of silly songs to listen to, like this one. I didn't even remember the existence of it! I think it's during one of those days when we got bored and Asha went around random sites and start strumming her guitar and singing to the words she sees.
gah. We sing a lot those days... And when the lecturers say that we can do what ever we want as long as we have something to present -- we sing. (One Wish.. hahhaha!) Then when we got bored of singing, we'd dance around to Malchik Gei and Trauma! hahahha! I can only hope that my child would have as much fun as I had, honestly.

Oh.. "kids" have been popping all through this post because Eeva and Amber were talking about it in one of our threads on Facebook. gah.
Maybe I should go make lunch now.


Suree said...

Waniee!! Ada simpan tak yang kita nyanyi lagu The Used? Taste of Ink? Yang tu mmg Ana ingat gila time kita nyanyi. Hari nak terang. Pastu kita melalak2 nyanyi laju2 :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

mestilaa adee!! hahahha!
I'll upload that one next ;)

lizzy j said...

Julia? hahahaha. Julia Hana. Siapa tah minah tu. my dad's name is Jamel... he's handsome. hahaha. Hello Ana! (random) Jeriana and you could call her Jerry thats hot.

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahha! yeah, that's pretty hot..
ah well.. I've got a couple more years to decide. hehe

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