Friday, January 30, 2009


Remind me when I get married, and wanted to start having kids.. Remind me to take birth control or morning after pills in February/March/April.
dude, Sag babies scares me. I don't want another me pleeaase!! Or in any case, I don't want my child being born to be inclined to depression. Seriously. As ridiculous as this may sound to you.

I'm not even being superstitious here. I've just read too many blogs by Sag writers and it's making me sad! They're either dark.. angry.. or really depressed. Sure it's possible that other zodiac signs are capable of being those too, but perhaps after reading the bunch of random blogs, I find that Sags are.. darker.
Reality hits the dreamers worse..

Dida mentioned the other day that she wants a Sag daughter. (She reckons that Sag-guys are a little odd. I have no comment since Ablen might read this. hahahha!) I know it's horrible to say this.. but if I DO end up giving birth to a Sag-baby, I'm gonna let my spouse handle the kid. Really really. I don't want any of me to rub off on that kid. gah!
Scary.. scary.. scary.

I still feel that I have people around me out of luck. Okay, it was fate or destiny.. what ever, but for sure it has nothing to do with ME, coz I suck!
Anyway, I'm not trying to upset myself or anything.. but if it's possible to show me a Sag who isn't dark, please please point me towards that person. I would like to see it for myself.


HFX said...

lol im a cancer and im depressed too

Girl That Jumps said...

*points to my mom*

I thought Sags are a high achiever.

Monkey's Bunny said...

oh right..
although.. now I wonder, does your mom ever gone through some bad patch? I mean, she seems fine/happy now.. so I'm wondering what was she like when she was our age :P

and yes to being high achievers.. but I haven't achieved anythiiing T_T I don't want my kid to feel that kind of pointless pressure anyway. bleh

Hafiz, the point of my post is that I find MORE depressed Sags than any other signs.

Debzie said...
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Debzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monkey's Bunny said...

lol Debz.. nerd :P
I read your latest entry. and I admit that I've misused the word before.. (mostly for dramatization) but I dunno, I've never actually talked to a psychologist so we don't really know whether my "sadness" is just a mood or something biological.

and I know that it isn't scientifically proven :P I was just saying from my observation.. call it my little survey. rawr!

you make me sound like a brat. (or at least I feel like it.. but what's new?) hahahahha

Debzie said...
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evans said...

what's a sag baby?!?!?

HFX said...


lizzy j said...

I think we're all a little dark inside, no?

My good friend Miss S is a sag. She doesn't blog dark. Most of the time. When she does it's usually just a one-liner that makes us all want to cry, lol. But anyway, indulge!

Monkey's Bunny said...

Debz, there's a difference between psychologist and psychiatrist?? :O
and yeah, you were earnest but I didn't mind it. don't worry about it. I am a brat when I'm moody.

Evans, Sag baby -- Sagittarius baby. babies born under the sign :P

K. Yan, that's the thing.. the darkness inside..
I'm in need of witnessing super cheery people at the mo; and especially a Sag.

Debzie said...
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Monkey's Bunny said...

aaaah. thank you now Debbehbear ♥

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