Sunday, February 01, 2009


Rare moment!!
Boyfie said he had enough sleep this morning! woaaahhh!

Okay, now.. Somebody asked me if I was Sarawakian yesterday.
I can't help but responded with a big "NOO!"
I've never even been to that part of the country before.. (going to this April!! To Sabah though, not Sarawak.)

So when I got home, I asked my parents if I looked Sarawakian. (stupid questions ftw!) My mom answered almost immediately that I could pass as someone from there. She reckons that I have bits of Chinese. (uhh.. the bit where I have a Chinese boyfriend..?) My dad on the other hand stared at me for a full minute before saying that I don't look really Chinese or really Malay either. gee thanks!

Which made me draw into the conclusion that THAT is probably why people keep telling me how I look like someone they know. I probably remind them of the Malays.. and Chinese they met. In a way, my look-alike are doubled in numbers! hahaha!

But seriously though.. Java + [Bugis + Minang] = Sarawakian??
hahahhaha! Okay. Think I should find something better to write about next time. This is so lame, I think my IQ dropped half a point for writing this.


HFX said...

lol it never crossed my mind but since u mentioned it, i think u do look a lil bit like burung enggang and thats sarawakian no? :D

Monkey's Bunny said...


HFX said...

aihatchu tuuu! hihi

Monkey's Bunny said...


HFX said...

noooooes im a copydawg!

Monkey's Bunny said...

what ever makes you happy.. or at least less sad/depressive :P

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