Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wanie Idris is hopelessly hopeful.

It's just how I was made really.
So yeah.. the page out of my Moleskine that I posted for my last entry..
Basically, I do believe that we can achieve anything if we put our hearts and mind to it. It's in our hands. Everything and anything is possible. Maybe not world peace but people could tolerate each other more despite their differences.. (I'm a hippie at heart.)
So I can't take it (really, I can't take it) when I was told "no" or "can't" when I tried my best. It brings me down.. so low to the point where I can't move.
The fact that my best is just not good enough.. gah! To "crash and burn" SUCKS! Damn life resolution.

Times like this makes me so so SO grateful that I have Boyfie with me. He won't let me dig a hole and get in there to stay for the rest of my life. hehe. Thanks for pulling me out, hunny.

Anyway, now I'm back to being hopeful. I haven't received the rejection mail yet.. hahaha! Plus, I have next week to look forward to which is.. perfect timing really. I'll give myself a headache (and heartache) after the trip. weehoo!

That's it really. Nothing much to update except that I am.. alright.


SGRMSE. said...

Well, I believe the "waiting rule" applies to all good things in general. But thanks for that [=

And I believe we can too. Except, my problem is always that I'm just too lazy. Tsk. Deadly sin, that.

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