Friday, February 13, 2009

Oy vey..

Broken English gives me a headache.
Not trying to sound like a snob since my English isn't really that great.. sometimes :P Manglish, I'm fine with (though it's sometimes annoying -- but even I do it sometimes. But seriously.. I was just reading somebody's note; ..blabla was amazed location for..
Awesome. Even the location is amazed by itself.
Okay, maybe I am a snob. (and mean) hahahaha!

I can't help but think about patterns today. (related posts 1 - 2)
I was about to say that I'm over my pattern now, but that'd be a lie. I still like looking at certain type of faces (sigh) and what I have with Boyfie isn't exactly straight-forward is it?
It's been 4 years since I wrote my first entry about patterns and things seem pretty much the same. Now tell me that isn't a pattern.
I don't take the easiest route. I can't take the easiest route.

mm.. I had an odd dream earlier. I was with an acquaintance (I think) and he was speaking in perfect English. I remember being absolutely shocked with that bit. hahahha! Totally unexpected.. and odd.
And pointless to write about. haha!

Moving on.. I wish I sound like Yuna. haha! I think it'd make more sense if people want to listen to me sing when I sound like her. hehe.

Yah.. so.. No Rihanna concert tonight. I shall spend my night being bored then.
/me says with gritted teeth; Happy Valentine's everyone.


Sarah H said...

We are very good in inventing our own way of saying things.

Monkey's Bunny said...

oh yes ;)

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