Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stop calling me Aida.

My name is spelled Wanie; with an E. I didn't add it myself 'coz I thought it was cool. It's just spelled that way in my birth certificate. Maybe my mom thought it was cool.
Also, "Ida" is pronounced E-da, not I-da like I-pod.
Two little things that irks me so much; people misspelling my name and calling me by some other people's name.

I got a call from an employer just now. She wanted to see Aida tomorrow afternoon for a retail job. She had asked Aida to bring her picture and certificates, but Ida isn't even sure if she wants to go. So Ida made Aida to tell the lady that she'll call back tomorrow morning if she's going.

Perhaps I could start having multiple personalities.
Wanie is the stubborn, hot headed girl that wants what she wants, hopeful.. and wishful.
Ida is the prim and proper girl. Always try to show the world that she is strong and in control.
Aida is the one who is always confused, but tries to please other people and that includes Ida and Wanie.
mm.. yeah. That needs a bit more work, but it could turn out to be a good book I'm sure.

I don't know I don't know.. I'm not sure I want to be doing retail. Well, actually I don't mind it.. I was thinking of doing it again anyway, but I think I'll have to take two busses to get to that place. As much as I like travelling, I don't think I can stand getting on two busses for a job I'm not too crazy about. (See, for Kino, I had no trouble with the hour plus travel time.) The things I would do.. (like spend 1/5 of my pay on transportation alone.)

But yeah.. here I am.. with Aida leaning towards saying a "no" tomorrow morning. But Ida is wondering if she could afford being picky now that she's determined to achieve her resolutions while Wanie.. Wanie is Wanie. Too wishful and hopeful that she always get things wrong.

bah. You three suck!

update: Thank you for loving those three, hunny!


lizzy j said...
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lizzy j said...

my close friends Miss Farah, Yan and Yuki have the same arguments everyday....

Monkey's Bunny said...

maybe the 6 (or 7) of us could get together for a chat over loads of coffee ;)

Debzie said...

i know how it feels to have your name murdered. >.<

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