Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm an idiot.

Also a coward.
blah. My heart races everytime I think about making the phonecall. Wish I could get somebody to call them for me, but that'd give the impression that I'm a pussy -- which I am, actually. gahhh!! I've been sitting on this for three days now, how stupid is that? I keep delaying and give myself excuses for not calling. The three people I was with at the thing called and they got through. ughhhh!! The pressure. What if I'll be the only one?
I'll call when I get back.
blah. What ever. I'm not thinking about this anymore.

Moving on, my dad made tea for me today (like he always would..) but because we ran out of the usual Lipton teabags and haven't bought grocery yet, he gave me a cup of one-o-those instant ones. I took a few sips.. finish my pau in a good 10 minutes (slow, I know..) then hold my breath as I gulp down the rest of my tea. hehe. Curse instant drinks!!
I wonder if there is any instant drinks that tastes good out there.

Nothing more to say.
I don't feel like saying anything anymore.
Have a good weekend everyone! :)


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