Friday, February 06, 2009

One too many guys.

TJ once said that I have too many guys in my life after I told him that I keep being told the things I already know. hehe.
It was an amusing comment.
Got me thinking if it is true.

Perhaps so.
I know Boyfie would agree. hahhaha. Sylly boi.

Well, I just don't think it'd hurt to have as many friends as you can keep. As long as they want the same things as you have to offer and nothing more.. (vice versa)
I think I'm lucky that I'm too absent-minded to see any ulterior motives -- not that there's any. (haha!)

Anything that should come off as "flirting".. I'd honestly just see it as them being silly. (And I'd play along..) So maybe that's why it took me a while to fall in love. haha!

I suppose I do have a bunch of guy friends. But that's all I ever thought of them; entertaining friends. The Jesters in my castle where I'm the Queen and there is only one King.

No offence to readers who happens to be a guy and also my friend; just so you know.. I don't mind being the jester in your castle too :)
That's what I signed up for anyway.


Amara Maëlle said...

"The Jesters in my castle where I'm the Queen and there is only one King." - Rawr! ^.^

Monkey's Bunny said...

hehe ^_^

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