Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hallo from Singapore!


I am now typing from the confines of Syl's place in Ang Mo Kio. Feeling all so hyper after a bit moody earlier. Don't really know why.. PMS? (I say that a lot when I can't figure things out.) But I reckon it is pms.. People get angry and irritated at things -- I get sad. Typical.

Let's see.. the "vacation" so far has been fun. But I'm leaving in 2 days.. :(
I'm SO getting used to being with Boyfie 24/7.. Think I'll be like an addict who has to stop taking my drugs cold turkey.

My phone's credit is rm9 something.. I hope no one texts or calls me in the next 2 days. hahhahahahhaa!

Basically we haven't done much while I'm here. Just eat.. sleep.. watch shows that I can't dowload at home (ha!).. blabla.. boring stuff.

But I am SO FREAKIN' EXCITED about tomorrow!!!!!
We're going to Coffee Club and get that coffee milkshake that I love LOVE LOVEEE! Like seriously.. it's coffee AND milkshake.. it's impossible not to love. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

hmm.. what else?
Stupid Man United drew with Inter Milan. I mean seriously. I'm blaming Boyfie for not trying harder to wake me up and watch the game. rawrrr!! (Yes, they didn't win because they didn't have me watching them.)

I think I ran out of things to write. And Boyfie is no longer reminding me of things I could blog about so now I completely ran out of things to type.
I blame everything on Boyfie in case you haven't known that. heeheee!
But he knows I love him.. so.. whatever!
Have a good Thursday, everyone!! ♥

oh! Thank you Alia, Johanz, Idris and Mail for sending me off the other day.


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