Saturday, May 16, 2009


Part One


Aku dah laa tak sehat nye, ade lak orang tua bebel bebel time balek umah. Dasar saiko. Malas nak layan. Tak sabo nak tinggal kat luar. Tak balek umah baru tau. Padan muka rindu, orang takmo layan daaah. la la la la la..

So again.. TGIF.
I won't have to "need" his services during the weekend. (Oh, it's so obvious of whom I'm referring to in the previous paragraph.)

Selamba saja sedangkan my cousins baca this blog! WAHAHHAHAHHA!!

Oh, I am so spiteful, you have no idea. (I could've written a nastier remark but I waited about an hour from the time I got nagged to the time I started writing which gives me the time to leave out the seriously dark, cruel, dan kurang ajar intentions.)
Now let's move on to something more cheerful.

Part 2

I scored 94% on my Aviation exam! woohooo!
Sure, I wanted full marks but I'm extremely relieved that I passed. Average score so far.. A!
Perhaps I was meant to be where I am right now.. heehee.

The graduation committee didn't have that much of awful things to say about our performance. YAY! So what we really need right now is to sharpen up our current steps and we'll be rocking along the stage. Go - go - oh-nine - oh-nine! *singing to the tune of Power Rangers' theme*

I think I'm having this flu/fever thing from studying too much -- which is incredible since I've never experienced this before during my years at school. (Oh, now I'm making confessions of how little I studied in school.)

Oh ohh, we were briefed on how to blog FOR the company earlier this week -- which is AWESOME! I will so try sending in an entry. (When I don't feel too sick or when I actually have the spare time to jumble up some words for another blog other than mine!) I mean, duuude! Here's one way where I can yap about the people in the company (and maybe some bits about the company too) without having to worry about what constitutes as a "misconduct"!! hahahha.

But for now, I'll just settle for a long rest in the weekend and get as much TLC that I can through the phone from Boyfie.
Happy Annimonthsary hunny..


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