Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stupid fever..

I hate getting sick.
Not just because I FEEL sick, but mostly because it depresses me.
I hate how sickness makes me think of death.
I hate how everytime I cough, I'd think that my lungs is deteriorating. Or that when I feel that my head is so warm, I'd imagine that my brain is bubbling up and that I'll get seizures from it.

And I am all by myself and no one will hold me down or keep myself from biting my own tongue..
See.. sickness depresses me, I was not kidding.

I'm honestly tired..
I hate that I get upset by the smallest things. I hate how lonely I get sometimes. And that only bothers me most when I am unwell. wth!
I think I should stop now. Feels like I'm writing too much somehow.


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