Monday, May 04, 2009

Hello, new week.

Hello, period too..

The week started alright, but then again it's only Monday..
I honestly have NOTHING to write about, but I do have this itch where I need to write, so here I am.

We're finally done with Communications class. (English, basically.) Done our role plays.. which were pretty silly despite it's requirement of being a sappy story.
Remove (which was the name of my group) managed to collect the most points. (O yeah, that's what you get when you put the super geek and geek in the same group!)
Why Remove, you ask?
We couldn't think of a name for ourselves so we decided to flip to a random page on the dictionary and point to a word! hahahha. We're just awesome like that. heh. Of course, if you want a nicer version of how we got our name.. it was simply our aim to remove ourselves from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
hahahahhaha!! hamekk kau!

Moving on.
We're starting our Voice Enrichment class tomorrow. That's basically for our pronunciation and intonations for the announcements we'll make on board once we're on-line. By the end of the class (Wednesday), we will be rated on how well we are able to do those announcements.
I'd really like to do well. After all, English is supposedly my forte. Emphasize on the word SUPPOSEDLY, please. bleh.

Oh oh.. The boys had to pick the girls' name for the performance at the end of our training and Alif picked my name! wooot! "Meant to be" lah konon.. At least he knows about my giggling fits lah. Kan kan?
We are one monogamous couple on the dance floor. heh.

Okay, I think this is the most I've written on my blog about my life as a trainee.
Expect no updates in the next coming days..


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

salam mesra and welcome ladies and gentelman.. bois and gils... hahaha

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahahah :P

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