Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy hour!!


Not a bad Monday.
My hair was uncooperative like all Mondays, nothing new there.
Class was excruciatingly dull, but Adi and I found a new way to kill time. HAHAHAHHAHA!!!
Friends were awesome. *waves at Hairul, Murni, Alif, Lydia, Luqman, Mimi, Bryan and Adi* (in case they ever stopped by)
I'm liking the Malay dance since I don't feel too much like a stick that moves.
Not looking forward to spending the day in the computer room tomorrow (brainwash session!!) but I should be thankful that it's not another long day of drab lecture. So hey-ho! Let's GO!
woot wooot!

*swishes whip*

footnote: Missing Boyfie.. like I always do. Nothing new there.


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

for some reason... Tuesday is very mind exhausting....

i wonder what will happen to us on Thursday... sembelih hidup? gantung? hahahha

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