Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call me "Crazy bitch".

I am unreasonable.
I am selfish.
I have anger issues.
I am short tempered.
I curse a lot.
I don't bounce back as fast as everyone else does.
I'm a late bloomer.
I am dependent.
I am annoying.
I am too serious sometimes.
I am egoistical.
I am emotional.
I am a girl.
I am tactless.
I write too much.
I'm indecisive.
I run away from my problems.
I get scared easily.
I like being alone.
I am depressive.
I am weak.
I hurt easily.
I'm unforgiving.
I am cold.
I think too much.
I like things going my way.
I'm a spoiled brat.
I am vindictive.
I'm neurotic.
I don't like myself.

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