Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm not good at goodbyes.

Where's the 'good' in goodbyes anyway?

Funny how there are only days left to my training. Funny.. but mostly scary.
Time really flies this week and I have no idea where have all the days gone. (Obviously I was too engrossed by my own depressive thoughts to actually count the days.)

But really.. where have all those days gone??
My last day of class is basically this coming Monday and I'll begin my supernumerary thing (SNY) where I am expected to do things on the flight.

Good thing I'll be moving in with Mimi and Murni.. with Sallina, Crystal and Yen Chew just six floors up from our apartment. And Nat's moving into the block next door. Like seriously.. I am very glad that I have these people close by.
I'm already missing my train-sessions with Awif. I miss our air-cover band while we have nothing else better to do! hahahha! We decided today that we are each other's best friends. HAHAHAHHA!

ughh! Next week is going to be scary.
And I was doing the slideshow earlier.. can't believe that this entire experience is ending.


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

i still remember the first song we did was the bunk anthem... i was damn funny wei! and the other day we did jam lagu carnival kan? hahha

same here... am missing that "babi la kenape train nie lambat" or "dah la delay, pack cam sardin pulak tue" session... hahaha kan bestfriend? :)

Monkey's Bunny said...


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