Saturday, June 27, 2009

Even he knows to text me.

All the trainers were right. Basically, what everyone had told me was right. Working in the line that I'll be working in.. the temptation is great.
Of course, when you speak to me of temptation.. I don't really need to be in this line to be "tempted".. I am always tempted to try out new things. Temptation is EVERYWHERE and they seem to call out to me personally sometimes.

I would say that I'm glad that I am too egoistical to bow down to them.
Like seriously, I refuse to be seen as weak to be tempted.
Sometimes I even make calls to temptation so I could say to them, "hah! suckaaa!"
I'm speaking in riddles, aren't I?
Well, I am trying to occupy myself from worrying or being pissed at Boyfie for being M.I.A.

I can't seem to decide if I'm more worried or pissed.
Who are we kidding here, of course I'm PISSED!!
I am pretty much pissed all the time!
I have anger issues and it can be so obvious sometimes.

You know what, I'll call him one more time and if he doesn't answer then I'll just let it be. He can call me if he want but I am just too annoyed to care. ughh!


See, I forgot to tell you about what happened today.
I went out to see Ana and Bahijah earlier and it was really nice, catching up with them. I haven't seen them since I started my training! Nothing much had changed, I suppose.. just that it had felt weird walking with them now.. I was reminded how it had felt like to be a giantess! hahahha!

But while I was waiting for them at Coffee Bean, some old guy came over to my table and asked if he could join me.. WTH?!

[ The old-man attractor strikes again!! ]

I was sitting.. minding my own business and this fella just came and wanted to sit with me! I said that I was waiting for my friends, then he said that he thought I was alone.. wtf? If I was sitting by myself and making no eye contact what so ever, I OBVIOUSLY want to be left alone! Then he stood there, asking where I'm from.. I answered and politely asked back the same question. He said that he's from Lebanon.. then asked if I know where it is T_T (Which I kinda do. I don't know EXACTLY where it is, but I know how the flag looks like! haha)
AND then, he asked me again if he could sit with me. I said NOOO, YOU FRIGGIN' OLD DUDE! LEAVE ME ALONE! (Okay, maybe not those exact words.. but that's what I'd thought of saying!)
Oh.. he also asked me if I have a boyfriend! WTH! Even if I don't, I'm not gonna let you sit with me you friggin' old dude!! uggghhh!!

Why do I keep attracting old men, honestly?
Why God, whyyyy??
Send me some tall, handsome men instead please! Then I'll let him/them sit with me for as long as he/they like!


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

i bet when you flying nnti... abis la.. semua dato2 ngan tan sri2 sume duk mengigau kat you! hahhahhahah

*teringat kat "shutup yoooou!" hahaha

Monkey's Bunny said...


shut up youuu!!!

Girl That Jumps said...

my oh my.. i got beautiful leg.. especially in that particular shoes. MUST.BUY.THE.SHOES!

Love you wanie.

Monkey's Bunny said...


Love you too, B

ablen said...

wahhH~.. lame tak jumpe korang sme... sihat2 nampaknye kamu bertiga ^_^.. alhamdulillah~.. ehhe~

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