Monday, June 15, 2009

Psycho mode off...

I suppose this would sound bitchy, but in a way, I am glad that my training is coming to an end. I honestly love my friends to bits -- but not everyone is my friend, if you get what I mean. hehe.
I'm also glad that I'll be moving in with some of my favourite people, so I suppose I won't miss them THAT much. hahaha! And the rest of those favourite people are living two storeys up from where we (are going to) live and another one lives in about two minutes drive from our apartment.

We did our slide and wet drill today. It was pretty cool, but majorly tiring. I hate the stupid life vest. My neck hurts now so I better position myself when I sleep later. Plus, my leg had a cramp as I went on the life raft. ughh!
Oh oh.. and my shoulder aches from operating the plane's (mock) doors and window hatches.
gah! I am so SO not fit.
Okie. Enough complaining.

The week isn't going to be so relaxing after all.
We were assessed on our emergency commands and I must say that it felt good to shout about. We're having a lot of physical things going on this week (didn't expect that it would be that much..) and I need to work on some things for our graduation come July.
AND! I need to start writing my important notes in my little notebook that Boyfie bought me. hehe.

So many things to do.. so little time!


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